Jiping Yu (于纪平)

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Doctoral student, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, China





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Year Event
Student cluster competitions
(as member of Tsinghua team)
2018 SC18, Dallas, US, 1st place, as team leader News (Chinese)
2018 ISC18, Frankfurt, Germany, 1st place, as team member News (Chinese)
2018 ASC18, Nanchang, China, 1st place, as team member News (Chinese)
2017 SC17, Denver, US, 3rd place, as team member
2019 ASC19, Dalian, China, 2nd place, participated in training
Programming contests
2018 ICPC Asia Jiaozuo Regional Contest, 1st place, gold prize Teammates:
Ruizhe Zhang,
Leping Wang
2017 ICPC Asia-East Continent Final, 3rd place, gold prize
2019 ICPC World Finals, 13th place
2017 CCF Collegiate Computer System and Programming Contest, 4th place, gold prize
2019 The 14th "Chinese University Student of the Year" Link (Chinese)
2017 China Computer Federation Elite Collegiate Award Link (Chinese)
2018 The Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Meritorious Winner
Teammates: Cheng Lu, Shihong Song
2018 National Scholarship Link (Chinese)
2018 Friend of Tsinghua, Xiong Cai Scholarship


JudgeDuck OS (2018)

Participated in early development, Code
JudgeDuck OS is an operating system that strives to accurately and steadily measure the time and space of program execution in programming contests, based on MIT JOS. At present, the stability of the measurement is at least 5 times of Linux, and can meet the traditional needs of the C/C++ language programming contests. It was used as the backend of Judge Duck Online (now replaced by 64-bit OS).

In courses




I have participated in problem-setting in National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) official contests, including NOI, NOIP (NOI in Provinces), China Team Training (CTT).

I also prepared contests for Codeforces, Universal Online Judge (UOJ), and BestCoder.

Contest Task Link
NOIP 2016 Senior Earthworm Statements (in Chinese)
NOI 2017 Earthworm Queue Statements (in Chinese)
CCPC 2016 Hefei Greatest Common Divisor Statements (in Chinese)
UOJ Goodbye Yiwei New Year's Bomb (my best one!) Statements (in Chinese)

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